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Rent Fun Party

...without no party is complete...

   Frequently Asked Questions  

What if the weather looks like rain?

Weather forecast is very unpredictable. It is okay if the bounce house gets wet. However, if it starts to rain heavily, you'll want to have the kids exit the bouncer and turn off the blower.

As soon as the weather clears, turn the blower on, allow the bouncer to inflate, and let the kids back in. You may notice bubbles coming from the seams of the bouncer, but this is perfectly normal. Simply take a towel and wipe away the water.

What if it's raining on the day I reserved the bounce house?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to deliver on heavy rain days. However, we will deliver during scattered showers. If it is raining heavily all day on the day of your rental is to be delivered, you will not be charged. We hope that you will reschedule with us on a later date.

Please see cancelation policy on Weather page.

What if there are high winds?

When high winds move in, it's time to move out. If winds exceed over 25 mph, get the kids out of the bouncer and turn off the blower. When all is calm, turn the blower back on, let the bouncer inflate, and check all four stakes to make sure they are all still secure in the ground. Allow kids back inside only when the wind has completely calmed.

How many kids can jump at one time?

Weight and height do become factors. We advise no more than 8 smaller children and no more than 6 bigger kids at a time. We also advise not to mix the two—small children and big kids. Bigger kids sometimes get a little rambunctious and forget about the smaller kids.

Like always, adult supervision is required.

Rules For A Safe And Enjoyable Bounce House

  • No silly string in or around the bounce house. Silly string causes unrepairable damage. Customers will be liable for replacement of the bounce house.
  • No food or gum in the bounce house.
  • Remove shoes, eyeglasses, and sharp objects before entering the bounce house.
  • No pets in or around the bounce house. Their teeth and claws will cause unrepairable damage to the bounce house, and the customer may be liable for tears caused during rental period.
  • No excessive weight. Most bounce houses are very sturdy and will hold an average of 8 children. If adults or big teens enter the bouncer, please have only 3 at a time. Tears are costly to repair—the customer may be liable for tears caused during rental period.
  • No children or items hanging from the nettings. Netting is very expensive to repair.
  • Only one person at a time on all of our slides. Too many children will pose a safety hazard.
  • Adult supervision required at all times.
  • No flips or rough housing in the bounce house.
  • Turn off the sprinkler system.
  • No jumping near the opening. We don't want anyone to slip out.

Site Requirements

There are some very simple requirements for the site of where the bounce house will be set up.


  • A flat, level surface that is free of sharp objects
  • Sufficiently large enough to facilitate the width and length of the bounce house
  • Clear overhead space (most bounce houses are at least 15 feet tall)
  • Additional 5 feet around the sides and back of the unit
  • At least 10 additional feet in front of the unit, giving your children room to enter the unit
  • A 110 VAC outlet (if no outlet is available, we can provide a power generator for an additional fee)
  • Responsible person present to be the “operator”

Our extensive safety checklist will be explained and mutually signed by both the Lessee and a Circus Carnaval Party Rentals representative.

The bounce house will safely accommodate approximately 6 to 10 children (depending on size and age) at a time.

Tents,Tables and chairs are also available.

We have great concession selection too.