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Rent Fun Party

...without no party is complete...

Party Jokes

We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes.

Our most popular products are shown below.

Party without jokes ...?

Buy now and have fun , fast delivery FREE !

Whoopie Cushion

Inflate Whoopie Cushion lightly ( self sealing ) and place on seat . When unsuspecting people sit down , they make an embarrassing noise !

Fake Cigarette Burn

Place Fake Cigarette Burn on the coffe table. Watch your friends try to grab it fast !

Clown Nose

Be a Clown and entertain your freinds. Fits on all size noses.

Dirty Soap

Remove label from bottom of soap to wash hands as usual. Soon you'll be dirtier than when you started

Pop Up Funny Can

People can't resist opening this can. Watch them jump when the lid is removed and the snake pops out !

4 Hot Toothpicks

Pass hot toothpicks to your friends after dinner . Th more the chew , the hotter they get !

Black Eye Scope

Your friends will pay when they look into the Wonderscope ! Washes off with soap and warm water .

Puppy Poop

Puppy Poop looks so real, your friends will be disgusted !

WARNING: Choking Hazard

Toys content small parts . Not for children under 3 years !

Some items appropriate for children 5 years and over .