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Rent Fun Party

...without no party is complete...

CALL : 215-969-8224

Canopies :

Canopies are made specially for outdoor small group events that require level concrete/deck or on strictly an all grass area. Please read below for more information :

  1. May be placed in an all grass or concrete/ deck area.
  2. It is pop up canopy.
  3. Stakes/ropes extend 2ft around all sides which must be taken into account when measuring area.

Side Walls:

  1. Some light material available for canopies for a privacy.


  1. Not available for canopies.


  1. 10x10' accommodates 2- 48"or 1-60'round tables. (15 guests)
  2. 10'x20' accomodates up to 2 60"round/ 8ft rectangular tables. (15-25 guests)

Pricing for White / Blue color Canopies

$15.0 per 10'x 10'

$55.0 per 10'x 20' - not available at this time

Pick up's are welcome.

Delivery available based on zip code info. Call:215-969-8224

(All canopies require non-refundable deposits, please contact us for details)

Small Framed Tents coming up 2016 season !

Frame :

10 x 10 tent - $ 190- 2 colors

10 x 20 tent - $ 230-Framed Elegant High Pick

Pricing for Solid White Pole Tents:

                                                                                                                 $225.00 per 20' x 20' 

canopies images

$295.00 per 20' x 30' 

canopies images

      $370.00 per 20' x 40'

Delivery and set up starting $ 45 / 25miles range from 19006 zip code .

Pole Tents :

Pole Tents are made specially for outdoor events on asphalt or strictly an all grass area.

Pole Tents cheaper to rent compare to a frame tent

Please read below for more information.


  1. Can be staked in asphalt (holes are plugged at break down) - Subject to an additional fee's.
  2. Unable to be weighted so this tent cannot go on concrete.
  3. Contains center poles so it cannot be placed over decks or driveways.
  4. extend 5ft around all sides of this style tent.
  5. Best used for grassy areas.

Side Walls:

  1. We offer 7x20 ft, 7x40ft


  1. Only offered with rental of our tents and side walls.
  2. Minimum of 3 sides of the tent must be covered in order for heater to work efficiently.


  1. Tents come in a variety of sizes depedant upon the installation area, number of guests, and other variables.
  2. Please contact us for more information.


  1. Due to the number of sizes we offer, price structures vary.
  2. All tents require non-refundable deposits which vary based on the size of the tent.
  3. Please contact us for details.

Due to the amount of sizes and different areas in which tents are placed, pricing is available only through contacting a sales rep via e-mail or by phone.

tent-century-30x45 mate big

NEW -Giant 60x90 Event Tent Coming in 2018!

This tent is perfect for a large up 500-600 people event.

Tent enough for any event - church meeting -live entertainment -corporate party - wedding- family reunion or private birthday

or anything you need for...

It comes with complete set up at your site or any site you choose.

In a hot weather we will accommodate 4 sides 10 -20 ft long with meshed side walls . Air conditioner and / or fans option available for an additional fee.

In event of cold weather we have heaters available for an additional fee.

Stage or dance floor also available for any live entertainment .


4ft long - $8 and $6 when you add tables and tents any size

6 foot long plastic table - $ 8 all day and $6 when you rent tables and any size tents

 5 ft round wood table - $ 9.50 and $9 when you add tables and any size tent

 8 foot long wood - $ 9.50 and $9 when you add tables and any size tent

Chairs :

brown metal - $ 1.00 all day and .95c if you rent with tables and any tent size pack.

 white metal - $ 1.95 all day and $1.75 when you rent with tables and any size tent

Prices include PA 6% tax but not include insurance 10%surcharge.

Delivery starts $ 25 curbside only. Inside , downstairs , upstairs or back yard set up etc. -additional charges $ 25 min and up !




Round Tables

To find the tablecloth drop (the length your tablecloth will hang down from the tabletop), you simply subtract the table diameter from the linen diameter and then divide by two. For instance, you have a 60 inch round table and have a 120 inch round tablecloth. Subtract 60 from 120 (120-60=60) then divide by 2 (60/2= 30 inches). This means a 120 inch round tablecloth will cover a 60 inch round table and drop 30 inches off the table, all the way to the floor.

If you know what size table you have and length of a drop you want, you can find out the tablecloth size you need by multiplying the drop length by 2, then adding the table diameter. For example, you have a 60 inch table and want a 15 inch drop (halfway to the floor), you multiply 15 by 2 (15x2=30) then add the table diameter (30+60=90) to get 90 inches, which means you need a 90 inch round tablecloth.

Standard sizes for common round tables:

  • 48 inch round table: 70 inch cloth
  • 60 inch round table: 90 inch cloth for a drop that goes halfway to the floor, 120 inch for a full drop. For the "square-on-round" look, an 85 inch square tablecloth is used on to of a 120 inch round tablecloth.
  • 72 inch round table: 120 inch cloth, or a 132 inch for a full drop


PLEASE CALL: 215-969-8224